Top 10 NZ Land Based Aquaculture Species

The top 10 aquaculture species, in approximately the order of their commercial potential.
Land based paua farming in New Zealand

Land based paua farming in New Zealand.

  1. Trout (Rainbow trout)
  2. Salmon (King Salmon)
  3. King Fish (Yellowtail Kingfish)
  4. Abalone (Paua)
  5. Hapuka (Groper)
  6. Ornamental and aquarium trade species
  7. Silver Carp (Grass Carp)
  8. Eel (short finned)
  9. Watercress (and perhaps other aquatic plants)
  10. Koura (freshwater crayfish)

It is currently illegal to farm trout but if the legislation changes it is without doubt the prime candidate for commercial land based aquaculture in New Zealand – especially in intensive RAS systems. There is growing support to farm this species but the move is strongly opposed by  tour guide, charter boat operators and recreational fishers who claim that the disease, poaching and other also unsubstantiated risks that support recreational fishing and the commercial guiding and charter operations is too high. The science behind any of these arguments is weak with the decision to ban trout farming political.

Further information on paua, hapuka, kingfish and eel is provided by NIWA at the following link:

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