Land Based Aquaculture Assessment Framework

This web site has been established by Ngati Porou Fisheries Ltd (NPFL) to assist investors interested in land based aquaculture in New Zealand. The site supports you in the evaluation of options and allows you to determine the costs of establishing intensive Recirculating Aquaculture Systems (RAS) operations for a range of species and the likely economics of the business.

A range of production and economic models are presented on this site.  Some information is provided by independent research providers and further advice should be sought directly from them.  The generic models developed by NPFL for intensive land based RAS production can be used to give an indication of setup costs, operational costs and overall profitability under a range of assumptions and other variable inputs or conditions.

Modeled Species

New Zealand has a limited number of species that may be suitable for aquaculture. Like agriculture not every species of animal or plant is destined to become a feature of our dining experience. Some species are more suited to domestication than others.

The site also contains other useful information, in the New Zealand context, on which species can legally be farmed, potentially suitable aquaculture species, farming methods, suitability of species for specific production methods, environmental considerations and the legal and social factors that must be considered.

NPFL take no responsibility for any investment decisions made, based on information made available on this site. We have used our best endeavours to obtain the best available information and expertise in preparation of this site. However we urge you to seek your own expert advice if you wish to investigate the potential for Land Based Aquaculture further.

Ngati Porou Fisheries Ltd acknowledges with thanks the support of the New Zealand Ministry for Primary Industry (MPI). This project was funded by MPI through a grant under the Sustainable Farming Fund (SFF) scheme.

If any material presented on this site infringes the rights or entitlements of any individual or entity please let us know and we will remove it immediately.

We hope that you will find this site informative and useful in your study of Land Based Aquaculture opportunities in New Zealand.

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